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The Grove Fields Residents Association Vision and Goals are

Ensuring the right number of houses are built, in the right place with the right supporting infrastructure, enabling Tring to thrive whilst maintaining the market town character

    1.Right number of houses

    –Ensure Dacorum has calculated the right quota of houses

    –Ensure Dacorum has explored all options to meet their quota

    –Ensure Tring takes a fair share of the Dacorum quota

    –Calculate what the current infrastructure can cope with

    2.Right place

    –Fields between Bulbourne Road & Station Road are the wrong place

    –Identify the right place:

  • Incorporate the findings of the green belt review
  • Incorporate the findings of the site analysis
  • Minimise negative impact on the environment
  • Minimise negative impact on health and wellbeing of residents
  • Prioritise brownfield developments
  • Prioritise sites with existing planning permission
  • Be close to the town centre
  • Have good access to arterial roads
  • Have a lower green belt rating
  • Prioritise Council owned land.

     –Best business case and value for Tring & Dacorum

    3.Right supporting infrastructure

    –School places

    –Number of doctors

    –Petrol station

    –Car park spaces

    –Child care providers

    –Sports facilities


    4.Market town character

    –No congestion or traffic lights in the high street

    –Scale of town – max 15,000 population

    –Incorporate green open spaces in to any housing development

    –Maintain the current green belt

   5.Enabling Tring to thrive

    –Affordable housing

    –Employment opportunities

The group will uphold equal opportunities and work towards good relations amongst all members of the community, specifically prohibiting any conduct which discriminates or harasses on the grounds of race, religion, disability, political belief, sex or sexual orientation.

One of our members, Ellie Patrikios, directed this lovely film of the Grove Fields in the summer of 2017






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